2023-2024- Current exhibition "NUDE", Fotografiska museum Berlin, Germany

2022-2023-  FEMME  FATAL, Gaze-Power-Gender, Hamburger Kunsthalle, Hamburg, Germany

2022- Touring Exhibition “HIDDEN_MESSAGE“, Mexico City

2022- Touring Exhibition “NUDE“, Fotografiska museum New York 

2021- Touring Exhibition “NUDE”, Fotografiska  museum Stockholm, Sweden
2021- Touring Exhibition “HIDDEN_MESSAGE”, Stockholm, Sweden 

2021- Female Side Of The Moon, Galerie-z22  Berlin, Germany

2020- Touring Exhibition “HIDDEN_Projects/HIDDEN_MESSAGE” - Online Exhibition,Düsseldorf, Germany

2020- Hundred Heroines “Cabinet Of Remedies” Online Exhibition, London, UK

2019- “LIGHT, ART, HUMANITY” Daegu Factory South Korea
2019- LagosPhoto Festival “PASSPORTS”, Lagos, Nigeria
2019- Black Magic Women “Photographs of Africa, from Africa, for Africa”, Bologna, Italy

2018- Photovillenyc Festival “Altars, Prayers, Ritual, Offering”, Brooklyn, NYC 

2018- Daegu Photography Biennale, South Korea
2018- “Variations For Everyone” MMCA, Seoul, South Korea

2017- Art Meet Camera “CLOSER THAN EVER”, Cape-Town, South Africa

2016- LagosPhoto Festival “RITUALS & PERFORANCE”, Lagos, Nigeria
2016- Rush Art Gallery/LagosPhoto, “FIND US ON THE MAP”, Chelsea, NYC

2015- Grid Cape Town Biennale, South Africa
2015- Photographic Museum of Humanity - Online Exhibition 

2015- Prisma Human Right Photo Contest Exhibition, Venice, Italy

2014- LagosPhoto festival “STAGING REALITY DOCUMENTING FICTION”, Lagos, Nigeria 

2014- Joburg Art Fair, South Africa
2014- Femme Fatale “DECONSTRUCTING The POLITICS Of SEXUALITY”, Lagos, Nigeria

2012- LagosPhoto Festival “SEVEN DAYS IN THE LIFE OF LAGOS”, Lagos, Nigeria 

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